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Volume 53 Issue 7
Jul.  2021
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Zhang Wenjing, Niu Jiangchuan, Shen Yongjun, Wen Shaofang. Combined control of vehicle suspension with fractional-order magnetorheological fluid damper model. Chinese Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, 2021, 53(7): 2037-2046 doi: 10.6052/0459-1879-21-137
Citation: Zhang Wenjing, Niu Jiangchuan, Shen Yongjun, Wen Shaofang. Combined control of vehicle suspension with fractional-order magnetorheological fluid damper model. Chinese Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, 2021, 53(7): 2037-2046 doi: 10.6052/0459-1879-21-137


doi: 10.6052/0459-1879-21-137
  • Received Date: 2021-04-06
  • Accepted Date: 2021-07-05
  • Available Online: 2021-07-06
  • Publish Date: 2021-07-18
  • The fractional-order Bingham model of magnetorheological fluid damper has simple structure and can better describe the hysteretic characteristics of the system. The vibration control of a nonlinear vehicle suspension system with magnetorheological fluid damper under harmonic excitation is studied, where the single-degree-of-freedom 1/4 vehicle suspension system with fractional-order Bingham model of magnetorheological fluid damper is considered. The primary resonance response of suspension system with fractional-order Bingham model under sky-hook damping semi-active control is analyzed, and the approximate analytical solution is obtained by means of averaging method. The amplitude-frequency response equation of the steady-state solution of the suspension system is obtained, and the stability condition of the suspension system is also obtained according to Lyapunov’s stability theory. By comparing the amplitude-frequency response curves of the numerical solution and approximate analytical solution, the accuracy of the approximate analytical solution has been verified. The influence of semi-active control on the ride comfort of the vehicle is illustrated by the root mean square values of acceleration of the sprung mass in the vertical direction, it is found that the semi-active control strategy of sky-hook damping can not improve the ride comfort of vehicle in low frequency excitation region of road. Therefore, a combined control strategy of passive control and semi-active control is proposed, and the influence of semi-active control parameter on the vibration control effect is analyzed. The results show that the combined control strategy can not only improve the ride comfort of the vehicle, but also effectively suppress the primary resonance vibration amplitude of suspension system.


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