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孟旭飞, 白鹏, 刘建霞, 陈立立, 刘传振. 乘波依赖区[J]. 力学学报.
引用本文: 孟旭飞, 白鹏, 刘建霞, 陈立立, 刘传振. 乘波依赖区[J]. 力学学报.
Waveriding Dependent Area[J]. Chinese Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics.
Citation: Waveriding Dependent Area[J]. Chinese Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics.


Waveriding Dependent Area

  • 摘要: 在应用乘波体设计气动布局时,一般默认乘波面不可修改,这带来了例如下表面修形困难、容积不可调等问题。本文提出乘波依赖区的概念,即决定乘波体主激波的物面区域,借助特征线理论,确定无粘轴对称超声速流场中激波依赖的流场区域,将此部分区域流场作为基准流场,追踪流线生成相应的乘波曲面即为乘波依赖区。根据斜激波理论初步分析了影响乘波依赖区大小的因素,并使用计算流体力学技术对保留不同乘波面范围的测试外形进行了验证,分析后缘截面及对称面流场激波结构及升阻力特性和纵向稳定性。结果表明仅保留乘波依赖区即可维持主要的激波形状,使得激波附着于测试外形前缘,保持良好的乘波特性。乘波依赖区力图在不破坏乘波效应的基础上,确定乘波体的哪些区域可以修改,对乘波体扩容、减阻、宽速域设计和进气道安装布置具有一定参考意义。


    Abstract: In the aerodynamic shape design based on waverider configuration, the waverider surface is deemed to be un-changeable by default, causing many problems for practical application, such as modifying the lower surface and the adjusting the volume. In this article, the concept of waveriding dependent area, WDA for short, is proposed. The WDA represents the area on the waverider surface which determines the main shock wave. Employing the the-ory of characteristics, the method to generate the WDA is firstly to find the flow area which the shock wave de-pends on in the inviscid axisymmetric supersonic flow field. Then taking the flow area as the basic flow field, the generated waveriding surface is the so-called WDA. The range of the WDA is analyzed using the oblique shock equations, and Computational Fluid Dynamics techniques were employed to verifiy the test configurations with different retained waveriding surface area, analyzed the shock wave structure of flow field in symmetrical planes and trailing-edge cross-section, aerodynamic forces and longitudinal stability. It is verified that the only WDA sur-face can maintain the shape of the main shock wave, and the shock waves attached along the leading edge, indicate an evident wave-riding performance. The WDA attempts to determine which range of the waverider surface is al-lowed to be modified or altered. The concept is of importance to enlarge loading volume, reduce drag, improving wide-speed performance and installing an engine inlet for waverider aircraft.