Chinese Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics ›› 2018, Vol. 50 ›› Issue (6): 1346-1355.DOI: 10.6052/0459-1879-18-180

Special Issue: 郭永怀先生牺牲50周年纪念专刊(2018年第6期)

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Song Wei1)(), Lu Wei, Jiang Zenghui, Bai Peng   

  1. China Academy of Aerospace Aerodynamics, Beijing 100074, China
  • Received:2018-06-01 Accepted:2018-06-01 Online:2018-11-18 Published:2018-12-04
  • Contact: Song Wei


A wind tunnel drop-model testing technique is applied to study the dynamic separational process for the internal weapon from the open weapon cabin ejection for the separation safety problem of supersonic internal weapon ejection delivery, The light model similar design method is used in the wind tunnel drop-model testing which all movement is strictly comparable in addition to lack of vertical acceleration and the lack of the vertical acceleration can cause displacement deviation real displacement. in the end we use a simple formula method to compensation the lacking vertical displacement. the experiment gives the law of separation trajectory and attitude for the different initial ejection separation condition, the test Mach number is $Ma= 1.5$. The results show that the initial separation angle velocity has a great influence on the motion trajectory and the attitude angle for the internal weapon. When the initial separation angle speed is $\omega _{z0}^s = 0^\circ/{\rm s}$, the internal missile firstly moves down to the disturbed flow field far from the cariier the separation,then it gradually moves towards to the carrier direction and collides the carried vehicle. The experimental results of high speed wind tunnel are unsafe,but the result is optimistic after the formula is corrected. This shows that the unsafe separation of missiles obtained by the high speed wind tunnel test may not necessarily occur for the aircraft and the results that obtained by the high speed wind tunnel test are conservative. When the initial separation angle speed is $\omega _{z0}^s = 15^\circ/{\rm s}$, $\omega _{z0}^s = 30^\circ/{\rm s}$, the movement trend of the embedded missile is almost the same and there is no approaching the carrier aircraft. The embedded missile which has a certain initial delivery angle is conducive to the safe separation of internal weapons.

Key words: internal weapons, high-speed wind-tunnel, wind-tunnel drop-model testing technique, light-model method, modified formula method

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